WE WANT YOUR THOUGHTS … and we are willing to pay!

The Minds on Men Blog is a collection of reflections written by men who have be affiliated with the ManUp Canada program over the past 4 years. These reflections have been hand picked by our selection committee based on how well they align with the vision and core values of the ManUp program. Ultimately, ManUp is a student led program that exists to mitigate, moderate and eliminate the effects of the violence against women in our communities. Our goal is to eliminate V.A.W but our method is to systematically engage young men in conversations about healthy relationships and masculinity. We seek to provide men with the proper perspectives, mindsets and tangible tools they need to build and support healthy and safe relationships. Ideally, we will also empower them to share their tools amongst their social networks in such a way that our reach can expand into areas that school or community based programs could never access.

The vision of Minds on Men is to populate / update the site on a bi-weekly basis. Every second Friday a new reflection will be posted to the blog. As the same time, the Minds on Men directors will send out a new reflection question. The question and topic will be sent across our networks and open to anyone who has been part of a formal ManUp conversation. As the topic / call to action is sent across our network, details for the submission process will be included in that message.

Thanks to generous support from Zonta Club and the Ottawa Police, we are happy to announce that we will offer a $50 prize for the top submission. The prize will be sent by mail upon publication of the article.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Mind on Men Team