Written by Jason MacLeod – Member of ManUp since 2015.

The power one person has by separating from the norm is incredible. When one man acts, stands up, or speaks up against the treatment and portrayal of girls and women in our society, many more will rise. The power of one man’s words bringing to light the horrible disrespect that some guys displayed started the ManUp movement. Glen Canning bravely shared his story about the rape of his daughter and the subsequent bullying and taunting that led to her suicide. This inspired a group of boys at our high school to rise with him and change the attitudes of how young men think about and treat women. Through speaking at our own high school, as well as visiting and speaking at numerous other schools about the disrespect often shown to women, the word is getting out. ManUp now has hundreds of young men from a variety of schools speaking up and spreading the word. All because one brave man spoke up.

It is easy to sit back and do nothing. It takes strength to stand up to what has become the norm in society. It only takes one. Be that one. There will always be those thinking the same and those who will be ready to stand up and support you. Be that one to take the lead. Be that one to start the change. Whether it be to speak up against the “locker room” talk, or to be the one to help a girl out of a difficult situation at a party, or even a stranger on the street. Be the one who starts the change. The power of one can become the power of many.


  1. Because our culture is so fixated on stereotypical messages of hypermasculinity, some young men simply need assurance or validation from a respected peer. We have found that when one man speaks up about right living and right masculinity, many others anxiously join the conversation. The vast majority of us have really great hearts. I wonder who in your life is just waiting for someone else to speak up. I wonder if an honest change in your community is just a few conversations away. 
  2. In life, the most difficult conversations to have are often the most meaningful. Even though it might be hard to start a conversation about how to properly treat the women in our lives, you will for sure find that most guys are anxious to talk. 

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