Welcome and thanks for dropping by! We are so excited to launch ManUp’s first official blog. “Minds on Men” is a space for men to gather and share thoughts on life, leadership and stewardship in a masculine context. Our unapologetically cheesy title is an intentional play on words that calls men to action in two ways. This first is a call for all men to turn their minds on. As in, we can no longer allow our culture to dictate our trajectory through life and relationship. It’s time we take the driver seat and steer in our own direction. The second is a call for us to turn our minds toward healthy masculinity. This generation of young men has the opportunity and power to reframe societal misconceptions of masculinity and work to realign them with humanitarianism and global well-being in such a way that gender based violence and sexual violence no longer has a place in our communities. These gains won’t be made in weight rooms, or on a sports field but will be made gradually through continued activism, awareness and intimate discussion amongst men.

This blog, from its onset, is intended to be a collection of writing offered by members and allies of the student-led “ManUp” organization that was established in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in the spring of 2014. The heart and vision of the organization is to create a space where young men can authentically learn about healthy masculinity and where we can safely discuss how toxic masculinity might lead us to deeply troubled mindsets and behaviors. We seek, not to attack people but, to address gaps in cultural norms. We work to identify and applaud men that are working to do good in this culture and to bring men who are hurting and struggling to the table to converse intimately about restoration and right-mindedness.

The content of Minds On Men is a purposeful collaboration derived from men who have dedicated time and energy to coming alongside our group. These men have joined in working through some of their own struggles while helping others by sharing wisdom and experience they have picked up along the way.  Each piece has been chosen by a, carefully selected, board of representatives whom have screened it to ensure that it reflects the heart of our organization and our vision for strength based advocacy and sustainable change.

If you have any questions about the content of the blog or if you would like to contribute to its contents. Please contact the Minds On Men Program Coordinator – Travis Wing via email at travis.wing@ocdsb.ca